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      • How to choose semitrailer landing gear?

        ?Along with the rapid development of the domestic logistics industry, especially the highway semi-trailer transportation has increasingly become the new force in the long-distance transportation;

        2015/09/17 admin 192

      • How to tell landing gears quality?

        How to tell landing gears quality? If you are an importer or an actual user of Chinese made landing gear, you should read this.In Chinese market, for the same model (load capacity), the price dif

        2015/09/18 admin 132

      • CIMC facing major reshuffle in Australia

        Melbourne’s CIMC Australia Road Transport Equipment (CART) Group is reportedly set to undergo a major restructure.In line with the re-organisation of parent company, CIMC Vehicles, the local Australia

        2016/10/31 admin 190

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